The annual Breakfast of Champions Fall Basketball League featured a number of the top prospects in the state of Wisconsin as they took to the court throughout the month of October looking to prepare for the upcoming season and make their mark in the process.  Today we continue our coverage of the annual fall hoops gala with a look at the 2012 BOC All-League 1st Team for the Platinum Division where Marquette bound forward Deonte Burton headlines a parade of talented performers…


Most Valuable Player - Deonte Burton – 2013 – SF – Milwaukee Vincent (WI)

Stat Line – 15.8 PPG – 9.5 RPG – 3.8 APG – 3.0 SPG – 2.5 BPG
Floor Impact 34.5 FIPG – Matrix 16.5 MPG – Efficiency 15.0 EPG

The multi-dimensional Marquette bound talent continued to impress this fall as Burton was consistent and dominant every week with strong floor performances on both ends.  He used the fall league to show off his versatile skill package that included an improved perimeter stroke (i.e 7-14 from 3 point range) as well as his playmaking and defensive ability.  Burton played on the perimeter, he dominated in the paint, he finished in transition, and overall he delivered strong floor performances on both ends each and every week.  A solid four week performance for the nationally regarded talented.

Jerrelle Deberry – 2014 – SG – Destiny (WI)
Stat Line – 22.3 PPG – 9.3 RPG – 2.3 APG - .3 SPG
Floor Impact 34.3 FIPG – Matrix 11.0 MPG – Efficiency 9.0 EPG

Really impressed with this scoring wing’s development the past year and this fall he showed a much improved scoring package and did so with efficiency.  Deberry was strong on the glass, he led the league in scoring, and he showed an improved ability to deliver the ball to teammates at times for easy opportunities.  Constantly on the attack and always aggressive and looking to make things happen offensively, Deberry was one of the most consistent and dominant performers each and every week.

Kevon Looney – 2014 – SF – Milwaukee Hamilton (WI)
Stat Line – 15.3 PPG – 6.7 RPG – 1.7 APG – 1.0 SPG – 1.7 BPG
Floor Impact 27.0 FIPG – Matrix 10.0 MPG – Efficiency 9.0 EPG

A highly regarded talent nationally who continues to generate lots of media burn after a stellar spring and summer campaign, Looney was solid from start to finish this fall as he scored in transition, knocked down mid-range looks, and also showed an ability to rip the nets from long range as well on occasion.  Mix in solid decisions, some nice activity on the defensive end of the court, and an ability to make things happen and fill the box score in a number a categories and Looney delivered as expected this fall.

T.J. Schlundt – 2014 – SG – Oconomowoc (WI)
Stat Line – 15.5 PPG – 6.3 RPG – 2.3 APG – 1.5 SPG
Floor Impact 25.5 FIPG – Matrix 8.5 MPG – Efficiency 9.3 EPG

Headed into the fall looking to improve his activity and floor impact and that’s exactly what he did with a stellar four week campaign that improved every week.  A classic catch and shoot prospect with NBA range, Schlundt elevated his activity on both ends throughout the league, he attacked the glass with improved aggressiveness, he showed an improved ability to score off the bounce and knock down the mid-range jumper, and he brought energy and activity to both ends of the court.  Already being courted by mid and high major programs, Schlundt is one of the best pure shooters in the country for his class and he looks primed for a huge season at Oconomowoc.

Joe Binyoti – 2015 – PG – Homestead (WI)
Stat Line – 10.0 PPG – 4.0 RPG – 5.3 APG – 1.8 SPG - .3 BPG
Floor Impact 22.0 FIPG – Matrix 10.0 MPG – Efficiency 10.0 EPG

Part of a blossoming 2015 class in the state of Wisconsin, Binyoti elevated his play each and every week and did so in dominant and efficient fashion.  He made excellent decisions in transition, created in half court sets, finished off the bounce, knocked down mid-range looks, showed range beyond the arc, and was active on the defensive end of the court.  Was really impressed with his strength, instincts, and ability to distribute the basketball while limiting his turnovers (4.2/1 Assist to Turnover Ratio), something young guards generally struggle to do.  Binyoti was solid as the league rolled along and delivered some strong excellent and consistent floor performances this fall.  

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