A talented group of middle school prodigies hit the courts this fall for the annual Junior Breakfast of Champions Fall Basketball League looking to improve their skills and make their mark heading into the winter.  When the final whistle blew talented 8th graders like lead guard Melvin Lee impressed each week and delivered some excellent performances.  We begin our recap of the 2012 JR BOC with a look at the 1st team All-League JR BOC for the Phenom Division…


Co-MVP – Melvin Lee – 2017 – PG – Milwaukee, WI

Stat Line – 14.3 PPG – 4.3 APG – 5.7 RPG – 3.3 SPG – 0.3 BPG
Floor Impact 28.0 FIPG – Matrix 11.0 MPG – Efficiency 9.7 EPG

Delivered a stellar campaign that was productive and dominant on both ends with and without the basketball in efficient fashion.  He showed solid dribble penetration skills, he was active on the defensive end of the court, he finished in traffic, he attacked the glass, etc.  Overall an excellent performance this fall for the talented young lead guard.

Co-MVP – Terrence Lewis – 2017 – SF – Milwaukee, WI
Stat Line – 19.5 PPG – 1.8 APG – 6.3 RPG – 1.3 SPG – 0.3 BPG
Floor Impact 29.0 FIPG – Matrix 6.3 MPG – Efficiency 6.8 EPG

Was consistent each week in delivered strong scoring performances while attacking the glass and delivering in other areas as well.  Led the league in overall floor impact and scoring and did so in impressive fashion as he showed range, an ability to score off the bounce, solid post scoring ability, transition skills, and solid rebounding instincts on both ends.

Co-MVP – Wyatt Cook – 2017 – F/C – Pewaukee, WI
Stat Line – 10.3 PPG – 0.8 APG – 10.8 RPG – 1.8 SPG – 2.8 BPG
Floor Impact – 26.3 FIPG – Matrix 15.3 MPG – Efficiency 15.5 EPG

Elevated his play each week and was exceptional each of the past two weeks as he delivered dominant floor performances that were both efficient and productive on both ends.  Most impressive was his overall impact across the board as he led the league in scoring and blocks and showed a dominant ability to perform with and without the basketball in a highly efficient manner.  Led the league in the Matrix category and Efficiency while delivering strong and productive efforts each week.

Jordan McCabe – 2018 – PG – Kaukauna, WI
Stat Line – 15.3 PPG – 4.0 APG – 2.5 RPG – 1.8 SPG
Floor Impact – 23.5 FIPG – Matrix 4.5 MPG – Efficiency 4.3 EPG

A strong young floor general with excellent handles, range, and vision, McCabe was impressive throughout the league as he showed solid playmaking ability, excellent passing skills, range beyond the arc, and ability to score off the bounce, etc.  Has excellent awareness and instincts that he utilizes to deliver strong performances across the board.  A strong effort this fall for the talented young lead guard.

John Diener – 2018 – G – Franklin, WI
Stat Line – 9.3 PPG – 2.3 APG – 6.0 RPG – 1.0 SPG – 1.5 BPG
Floor Impact – 20.0 FIPG – Matrix 8.8 MPG – Efficiency 8.0 EPG

A skilled and talented young perimeter prospect, Diener has range beyond the arc, he sees the court, he has the ability to attack the glass on both ends, and he can contribute across the board.  Equipped with a nice stroke that he showed off this fall, Diener was solid with a number of nice performances that were productive on both ends and showed flashes of potential dominance in the same sense.  Nice performance this fall.  

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