Saturday meant a full day of elite level basketball at the 2016 Spring Extravaganza. Here is a rundown of some of the players who stood out among the under 15 and under 16 teams playing in both the NY2LA Association and the Open Divisions.

2018 5’6” Akeir Mckinney – DTA Devin Harris Superstars – Mckinney operated the lead guard spot for DTA with poise and consistency. He took the defensive challenge and excelled showing active hands and a willingness to get into an opposing guard’s chest. Offensively he’s capable of finding different teammates with solid passing and the occasional jump shot. Part of being a solid point guard includes being under control and Akeir did that and more on Saturday.

2018 6’7” Bilal Shabazz – DTA Devin Harris Superstars – Shabazz is an intriguing prospect. He possesses a long and wiry frame. While he’s still a work in progress, Shabazz showed flashes of being able to catch passes along the baseline and shoot the 10-12 footer. He did a decent job on the glass and as he gets stronger and learns to box out consistently, he has the length to make more of an impact in that area of his game going forward. Additionally, his length allowed him to contest shots at the rim.

2018 5’8” Tristan Jass – Kessel Heat Red – Tristan likes to push the pace and to break his man down and get to the rack. Jass tended to allow his speed to get him to play out of control, but when he’s playing under control and seeing the floor as he needs to, he showed he could score on the drive and also kick to open teammates. Tristan tends to get tunnel vision and over dribble, but he has it in him to be a playmaker. Once he expands his offensive game to be a more consistent jump shooter it could elevate his stock down the line.

2018 6’1” Terrell Adams – MN Suns Thurston – Adams is a player who likes to attack off the dribble and get to the rim. He does a good job of rebounding at his position. In the second half, Adams started to show signs he could also facilitate to teammates. This isn’t a big part of his game right now, but it was a good sign of things to possible come as he develops. Once he improves his handle it’ll become easier for him to take his instincts as a driver to the next level and hopefully that will also spark him to be able to break down the defense, create driving lanes and add more assists to his stat line in the future.

2018 6’ Jordan Moats – IL Irish Select – Moats is a heady point guard. He plays with pose, keeps his head up and consistently makes the right pass. He keeps the ball moving on the offensive end and takes what the defense gives him when he looks to score. He’ll need to tighten his handle especially under pressure to avoid being turnover prone, but once he does he could develop into a steady and reliable lead guard. 

2018 6’4” JT Wheeler – IL Irish Select – Wheeler is the Irish’s glue guy. He can score from the post as well as face up and drive. He’s not one to shy away from contact and likes to use his body to get to the rim. His jump shot will need to improve, but he does show flashes of being able to shoot it as well. JT does a good job of competing at both. He sprints the floor on the break, can fill a lane and finish at the rim. Wheeler isn’t a guy you have to run plays for in order for him to be effective and that’s a great trait to have.

2018 6’2” Gavin Bates – MN Rise Purple – Bates is the Purple’s point guard and plays definitely run through him. That’s not to suggest Bates has to have the possession begin and end with him, but he is hands on point guard who has a real nose for the ball. He’s arguably the best rebounding guard in the 16U Open Division. Once he secures the board, he can start the break. He remained under control and initiated the offense pretty well. Additionally the Sibley East product connected on multiple three pointers to help spread the floor. Once Bates becomes a better finisher and continues to add more consistency to his jump shot, Bates has it in him to bring solid production to the table.

2018 6’4” Damani Hayes – MN Rise Purple – Damani has the frame that makes you notice him almost immediately. He uses that frame to create space on his drives. Hayes creates contact and draws fouls pretty well. He did have some issues finishing at the rim and making jump shots consistently, but he doesn’t let plays weigh him down mentally and he keeps playing his game. 

2018 6’6” Uhana Ochan – MN Rise Purple – Ochan is another Rise prospect with a very noticeable frame the minute he steps on the floor. Right now, he’s still in the raw stages of his development, but he showed flashes of promise. He demonstrated some nice touch around the rim including a short hook shot. Ochan is developing a face up game and while his jump shot didn’t fall in our viewing of him, his shot doesn’t look bad, which suggests he could eventually add that to his game. As a rebounder he’ll need to box out more and learn to use his size to carve out space, and if he does that should help him increasing his rebounding count.

2019 6’5” Marcus Domask – Ray Allen Select – Domask proved to be one of the better 15U guards at this event. His upside is tremendous. For starters, he is a three level scorer, but most notably, he’s a skilled shooter. He made a number of outside shots off the catch, but he also showed he could make shots in the mid-range area. He has a good feel for the game and plays with awareness. He had a few times where he recognized that a smaller player was guarding him and he immediately sealed his defender and called for the ball. When he did, he showed some nice footwork and displayed an ability to score with his back to the basket. As he develops his ball handling his offensive game will only get better and better.

2019 6’2” Tyler Ellingson – Ray Allen Select – Ellingson proved to be a solid scoring guard. He spreads the floor with his three point shooting and played within the offense. He didn’t force shots, moved the ball well and made solid entry passes. He tended to be a bit passive at times, but he has the ability to make open shots; enough so that defenses have to account for him.

2019 6’11” Owen Coburn – Martin Brothers – Coburn has what appears to be a bright future in front of him. At this stage he showed plenty of skill to build on. His frame is thin, but he’s a mobile and fairly agile player at 6’11”. He had a play in transition where he ran the floor, filled the lane, caught a nice and finish with some finesse at the rim. On the block, he’s still developing as a post, but he had a nice turnaround jumper in the afternoon session that was impressive. He plays mostly below the rim and won’t capture your attention with strong, above rim finishes, but he keeps balls alive and battles for put back opportunities. With added strength he should steadily improve around the rim as a finisher.

2019 5’10” David Oglesby – Illinois Stars IBA – Ogelsby was a key driving force, literally, in his team’s game against the Wisconsin Shooters in the afternoon session. David likes to operate in the middle of the floor, as he repeatedly used his dribble to work his way into the lane. Once in the paint, Ogelsby is a good finisher. He had multiple big plays late in the Wisconsin Shooters game that kept the scoreboard in the Stars’ favor. He’s also a capable shooter and should only get better as he gets more reps at the point guard spot and develops the rest of his game.