The 2016 annual NY2LA Sports Spring Extravaganza continued on Saturday from Minneapolis. Day two was another eventful, action-packed setting for hoops across the NY2LA Association and the open tournament divisions. Continuing to rack up victories and playing well in the process, 2018 guard Mitch Listau had himself a day for the Wisconsin Swing, Nana Akenten was exceptional for the Illinois Celtics/Hoopers, and PJ Pipes of the Illinois Stars IBA delivered once again…

Nana Akenten – 2017 – SG – Illinois Celtics/Hoopers

For the second-straight day, Akenten impresses with his scoring ability. The 6-foot-5 wing did a great job attacking the basket and not settling for jumpers. Akenten is too long and athletic to stop when he gets going to the rim. He’ll apply that aggressiveness to the defensive end occasionally, playing the passing lanes and jump starting the fast break. Akenten finished with a game-high 16 points in Saturday’s win over Quad City Elite and then he erupted for 35 in the night camp that was arguably the top effort of the day.

Marcus Domask – 2019 – SF – Ray Allen Select
Domask continues to prove he’s a top player in the 2019 class. Domask is successful because he doesn’t over-simplify the game. He’ll make the correct play without trying to be flashy, just whatever gets the job done. It’s worked for him this spring and on Saturday he had another dominant effort. Domask poured in a game-high 32 points in a win over the Illinois Stars. Domask connected on six three-pointers and also did his usual work in the post. Playing through the offense, Domask set up shop on the block and won battles long before the ball ever entered the post with excellent position and sealing technique. 

Monty Johal – 2018 – G – Yanders Law
Johal showed why he’s an exciting young prospect, despite a loss on Saturday morning. A high-octane scorer who can put up points in a hurry, Johal can score from all three levels. Johal is very skilled off the dribble and can get himself free for open shots off the bounce. The lefty has a nice stroke from three-point and mid-range, and also has the strength to finish inside against contact. 

Mitch Listau – 2018 – G – Wisconsin Swing
A high-IQ floor general, Listau can affect a game even when he’s not shooting well, as was the case Saturday morning. In a win over MBA Select, Listau ran the show offensively and made a number of smart plays to set up open looks for his teammates. The lefty can roam the perimeter and shoot from deep and is also a strong driver to the basket. Listau is always mindful of shot blockers and does a nice job of shielding the ball from defenders when he gets into the paint. Listau got hot later in the day, scoring a game-high 21 points in a win over All-In Y&R. 

Malik Parker – 2017 – PG – Martin Bros.
When Parker is shooting well, he’s fun to watch. An explosive scoring guard, Parker finished with 18 points in Saturday’s loss to the Minnesota Comets. Parker was 7-15 from the field, including 4-8 from three-point range. A quick, skilled floor general, Parker loves to score off the bounce, shaking his man in the open floor and then pulling up from mid-range. Parker also surprised his ability to go coast-to-coast and challenge bigs at the rim. 

P.J. Pipes – 2017 – G – Illinois Stars
He plays more like a shooting guard, but what’s intriguing about Pipes is that he can handle the point guard duties and make plays with the pass if needed. Regardless, Pipes has the tools to be a big time scorer. A sweet-shooting guard with terrific handles, Pipes can stop and pop and hit some difficult shots. Pipes came up big with 21 points in a nice win over the Wisconsin Shooters on Saturday. He was 6-12 from the field and also worked his way to the free throw line, going 8-8 at the charity stripe. 

Derek Sabin – 2018 – F – Wisconsin Shooters
Sabin always impresses with his overall skillset. A very versatile player, Sabin can do a little bit of everything. He excels from the high post, able to see over the top of the defense and fire in passes to cutting teammates, or take defenders off the dribble. Sabin can also step out and shoot the basketball from three-point range or play with his back to the basket. He doesn’t take a lot of shots, but definitely makes his presence felt on the game, whether it’s playing a point forward role or getting or cleaning the glass.

Simon Wright – 2017 – G/F – Minnesota Comets
Wright dominated in a blowout victory over Martin Bros. Playing limited minutes, Wright still came up with a game-high 20 points and six rebounds. Wright was a cool 7-11 from the field, including 4-7 from beyond the arc. A sweet shooter, who also has a post-game, Wright’s versatility was on full display on Saturday. 

Zion Young – 2018 – SG – SYF Players
Young didn’t disappoint in Saturday’s win over Reach Legends. A high volume scorer, Young knocked down shots from all over the floor. Scoring a game-high 15 points in a 20-point win, Young was excellent in isolation settings. He can pull-up from mid-range or take off-balance three-pointers and shoot with accuracy. Young can also roam the perimeter and come off screens, looking for quick trigger opportunities. 

Orlando Allen – 2018 – F – SYF Players

Allen helped break the game open for SYF in their rout of Reach Legends on Saturday. Putting home practically all of his baskets from around the rim, Allen was terrific at catching and finishing in traffic. A long, athletic forward, Allen was also very tough to score on inside, swatting away and altering shots on the interior. Banging around in the paint, Allen kept his composure and finished at a high rate off post feeds and offensive rebound opportunities. He finished with a game-high 15 points in the victory. 

Maliq Anderson – 2019 – G – Chicago Lockdown
Anderson is going to be tough to deal with in the coming years. A long combo guard with a really nice frame, Anderson has some intriguing measurables early in his career. A strong pick n’ roll guard, Anderson comes off screens with the purpose and usually makes the right play. Anderson plays really well around the rim, using a soft touch on his floater to scoop the ball over the top of the defense. He finished with a team-high 17 points in Saturday’s loss to Martin Bros. 

Gavin Baumgartner – 2017 – G – Minnesota Comets
The Minnesota Comets dropped Martin Bros. on Saturday in large part of Baumgartner, who seemed to do whatever he wanted on the floor. In limited minutes, Baumgartner registered 14 points, three blocks, and two assists. A skilled combo guard who’s comfortable on or off the ball, Baumgartner impressed with his flashy shooting and passing ability. The 6-foot-3 junior just made the game look so simple in Saturday’s win. 

Amir Brummett – 2018 – G – All-In Y&R
Brummett got off to a great start Saturday afternoon against the Wisconsin Swing. Throwing down a couple of transition slams and knocking in a three-pointer, Brummett set the tone early. A strong, athletic guard who can knock down shots, Brummett is tough to stop one-on-one. He finished with a team-high 17 points in a defeat to a very good Swing program. 

Cole Henry – 2019 – F/C – Martin Bros. 
Henry is a must-know post prospect in the Midwest for the coming years. Already comfortable with his back to the basket, Henry is a deliberate and quick decision maker down low, unlike a lot of big men his size and age. The 6-foot-9 freshman poured in a game-high 19 points in a win over Chicago Lockdown on Saturday. Also able to step out and do some things from the perimeter, Henry should be quite versatile by the time he’s a senior. 

Isaac Jessup – 2020 – G – Colorado Titans
Jessup has a nice future ahead of him. A skilled combo guard, Jessup stands about 6-foot-1 and already possesses an advanced skill set for his age. A long, bouncy guard, Jessup controls the pace of the game and creates offense for his team by attacking driving lanes. The tools to be a really good defender, Jessup can anticipate passes and get into the passing lanes. Jessup has great vision and dropped a number of assists against the Wisconsin Playmakers on Saturday. 

Suni Lane – 2017 – F – Quad City Elite
Lane isn’t going to rack up big scoring numbers, but he’ll produce and bring energy in other areas. An undersized, gritty forward, Lane does the dirty work underneath the basket and makes some big defensive plays. A very athletic forward, Lane plays much bigger than his size and blocks/alters a lot of shots on the interior. Also willing to run the floor, Lane outworks his man and looks for easy scoring opportunities. 

Zach Lattimer – 2018 – SG – MBA Select
Lattimer shook off a rough first half shooting effort and had a strong finish in Saturday’s loss to the Wisconsin Swing. A good pull-up shooter, Lattimer can free himself off the dribble with a quick first step and sharp cuts. Once he found his stroke, Lattimer started reigning in shots from three-point and deep mid-range. 

Andrew Lewis – 2017 – SG – Wisconsin Shooters
Every now and then, Lewis will show flashes of big time talent. We’re waiting for it to be more consistent, but there’s no doubt he has some skills to potentially play at the highest level. An explosive transition player, Lewis will play above the rim where few can challenge him. Also a terrific ball handler, Lewis can break defenders down off the bounce with ease and has a nice pull-up game from all areas of the floor. Also long and quick, Lewis has the tools to be a lock down defender and a thief of the basketball. He was in double figures yet again, going for 13 points and seven rebounds in Saturday’s loss to the Illinois Stars. 

Matthew Richmond – 2018 – SG – Reach Legends
Richmond had a good effort in Saturday’s loss to SYF Players. He’s listed at 6-foot-1, but plays a lot bigger than his size and has the game of a stretch forward. A good spot-up shooter from three-point range, Richmond kept his team in the game early by knocking down shots. Richmond handle the ball well and isn’t afraid to challenge people at the rim. He was in double figures and also dished out a number of assists during Saturday’s defeat. 

Angelo Allegri – 2017 – F – Team Kansas City

Allegri had an advantage in the paint and took full advantage of it during Saturday’s win over NESYB. A bouncy forward who can play inside and out, Allegri converted a number of smooth finishes off driving opportunities. A high-IQ forward, Allegri did a good job of taking what the defense gave him. He stepped out and shot the basketball when the defense was slow to react and put the ball on the deck when they were wary of his shooting ability. Allegri had a team-high 22 points in the win.

San’Trell Payton – 2017 – PG – NESYB
A tough, quick guard, Payton delivered for NESYB in their blowout win over the Indy ECB Eagles. Payton finished with 15 points in just over a half. A consistent three-point threat, Payton connected on three first-half triples in Saturday’s victory. Payton might be a little undersized, but he makes up for it with strength and lateral quickness. An excellent defender, Payton can stay with people on defense and doesn’t give up many, if any, straight-line drives to the rim. Later in the day, Payton scored 22 points, including the go-ahead bucket in overtime that nearly sent NESYB to Sunday in a loss to a very good Team Kansas City. 

DeMarco Smith – 2017 – G – Team Kansas City
Smith an excellent two-way player. A bouncy, long guard, Smith takes pride in shutting people down on the defensive end. He’s quick and gritty, which allows him to frustrate opponents without fouling. His defense, often sparked transition and run-out opportunities in Saturday’s overtime win over NESYB. Smith was crucial in that game, turning defense into offense and then finishing on the break. He scored 18 points as Team Kansas City advanced to Sunday. 

Derek Sabin is receiving interest from North Dakota State, Portland, Drake, Green Bay, and Northern Iowa.