A host of talented prospects continue to emerge in the Class of 2020 from coast to coast.  The past couple days we’ve looked closely at the upperclassmen in releasing our updated Top 50 National Player Rankings.  Today we slide down to the underclassmen for a look at the future and a stellar crop of emerging sophomores across the country.  In addition to our rankings for the 2020 class we once again have put together our composite rankings for the same taking into account the opinions of a handful of the most respected media outlets in the country.  So with that being said here’s peek at the new top 10 in our updated Class of 2020 Top 50 national player rankings…
A ridiculously gifted talent with versatility, size, plus length, athleticism, skill, etc.  Todd has all the clay to mold into a special talent on any level.  Offensively he has good hands, agility, solid footwork, an ability to finish on the blocks, a solid ability to hit the mid-range jumper, and he can face up and rip the nets from long range off the catch.  He can put the ball on the floor, slash through defenses to score, or he can simply elevate over the crowd and power the ball in.  He runs the floor well, his activity defensively is solid, and he’s disruptive in altering and blocking shots.  Collectively Todd is just scratching the surface, which is scary considering how good he is at times.  He has exceptional potential and a tremendously high ceiling.  
A gifted scoring talent who excels at slashing to the basket and finishing in transition, Green is a plus length wing with explosive bounce, solid feel, nice hands, and an ability to finish through traffic with crazy athleticism in smooth effortless fashion.  He can rip the nets from the long range, has shown an ability to put the ball on the floor on occasion, etc.  He has step back ability off the bounce, can hit the mid-range pull up off the dribble or with a step back, and he has the ability to utilize a counter when a defender takes his first move away.  His ceiling is significantly high given his size, athleticism, and instincts.  A blue chip talent athletically and impact wise, Green is regarded by some as the best prospect in the class right now.
A gifted two sport prodigy (football), Suggs is a versatile scoring guard with size, length, athleticism, handles, and feel.  He can penetrate to create or do the same to finish and he has the athleticism and strength to do the ladder through contact with consistency.  His perimeter stroke extends beyond the arc with consistency and his ability to blow by off the dribble and score in transition is consistently solid as well.  Has been playing at a high level for a number of years so at times it’s easy to take for granted how smooth and effortless things can be for him when he’s locked in and active.  He has solid feel on the defensive end, he can defend on and off the ball, and he creates positive chaos jumping the passing lanes on occasion.  Collectively he fills the box score but when needed he can flip the scoreboard in big time fashion.  He wants the ball when it matters and he plays with a chip at times that few possess.  An excellent young guard with elite high major impact potential big picture wise.
(4) R.J. HAMPTON – 2020 – PG – LITTLE ELM (TX)
A smooth gifted perimeter talent with all the tools to be a special caliber type player if he continues to grow, get stronger, and develop skill wise.  He handles the rock in smooth fashion and has the ability to create on time off the bounce in half court sets and in transition.  His perimeter stroke is smooth and effortless from beyond the arc and he has slashing ability off the bounce with minimal effort.  He has a nice understanding of spacing and timing for a young guard and his ability to take his game to another level when it matters is there when he needs it.  He’s just smooth on multiple levels and he can dominate the entire game from start to finish and do so in impressively effortless rhythm.  
Equipped with a 7 foot plus wingspan and a long lean frame, Johnson is far from a finished product physically but he’s a special talent big picture wise if he reaches his potential.  He can handle the ball, he has the ability to see over the defense and deliver timely passes, and he can score off the dribble and through traffic.  In transition he has an excellent understanding of when to finish and when to create and skill wise he can rip the nets with a perimeter jumper that extends beyond the arc or score at every level in creative fashion.  Still growing, Johnson has solid vertical athleticism that he pairs with his size and plus length to make for a highly intriguing and dangerously interesting prospect that the blue bloods are all over already.  A special talent potentially, Johnson is just scratching the surface of his potential.
A purely explosive athlete who plays with aggression, power, athleticism, and feel on both ends.  An alpha type talent who leads by effort, instinct, and power, Walker handles the ball, he can break down opposing guards to finish in traffic, he creates off the bounce, and he collectively has the ability to fill the box score on both ends.  His mid-range game is more advanced that his perimeter game beyond the arc at this point.  He loves to compete and he goes hard on both ends making for a highly intriguing and potentially dominant defender on and off the ball.  Walker excels in transition and at times he’s a highlight waiting to happen either finishing or delivering quality passes on time.  
A long wiry athletic forward who could play inside or outside when it’s all said and done, Brown has a 7 foot plus wingspan, he has advanced bounce and explosion for his size, and he’s very comfortable scoring off the bounce and in transition.  He has nice hands, his perimeter stroke extends beyond the arc and is more consistent off the catch and that’s important as he uses that ability to keep defenders off balance on backdoor cuts and dribble drive finishes around the basket.  He’s creative finishing as he can use both hands, he finishes on both sides of the rim, and when given the space he can elevate up and poke out as well.  There’s a level of easy to his game that few possess at this stage.  Defensively he could be a dominant force with his size, length, agility, and vertical athleticism as he’s already shown an advanced feel for blocking shots and altering things on the defensive end.  He’s got the physical tools to be a top 5 caliber talent on this board big picture wise and he’s really just starting to scratch the surface.  Really like his overall upside and potential at the high major level and perhaps beyond with hard work.  
A young talented forward like most on this list, Brakefield has a plus length frame, athleticism, and a skill package that includes a perimeter stroke that extends beyond the arc.  He excels facing the basket, he can get out in transition and finish over the rim or through traffic, and he has solid hands and an ability to score around the basket as well.  Like most young bigs he’s still developing both physically and skill wise but he has dominant double double type potential and a versatile offensive game that gives him the ability to score inside and outside in bunches.  Another high ceiling talent that already holds a number of high major offers already.  
A raw big skill wise who is really just getting started, Dante can finish in a variety of ways around the basket and he has advanced instincts and feel already.  Equipped with a 7 foot plus wingspan, decent bounce, a long lean frame, and nice hands for a young big, Dante is solid with the catch and finish in transition and off dribble penetration in half court sets.  His ability and footwork are solid and he’s shown pure vertical explosion as well on occasion.  He’s this high on his size and upside alone as skill wise he’s just starting to figure things out.  His understanding of spacing and how to create space so the ball handler can deliver him a solid pass to finish easily is impressive for a young big as many crowd the area.  Dante’s patience on the offensive end in letting the game come to him right now is ahead of the curve.  A high ceiling interior project, Dante passes the look test and he’s as intriguing as there is in the class in terms of interior prospects.  
A talented and versatile combination of skill, instincts, athleticism, and potential, Miller was exceptional this past fall at multiple exposure camps and he’s followed that up with some high caliber performances during the high school season.  A scoring guard who can excel in both positions on the perimeter, Miller can hit the mid-range jumper, hit the trey ball, he can score off the bounce, he can finish above the crowd or through the crowd, etc.  Players like Greg Anthony, Anthony Peeler, Jalen Brunson, Kenny Anderson, etc. come to mind at first glance and he’s more of a combination of all the above rather than just one exclusively.  Really just starting to realize his big picture potential, Miller has the potential to be the next big time talent out of Chicago so his development physically and skill wise over the next 12-18 months will be very intriguing to watch.  We have him higher than most but in reality if you can get it done at a high level in Chicago its simple math to believe you have the potential to do it big at the next stage and perhaps beyond given recent history.  Love his potential with hard work long term.