Micah Peavy is quietly becoming one of best prospects in the class of 2020, and while outside the state of Texas may not know him name, it won’t be long before everyone does.  The Dekany High School SG from Houston, Texas stands at 6’5 and comes in at just under 175 pounds and plays the game with a special type of tenacity that not many his age possesses.  He is a gym rat who loves to put in the extra reps so that his game can speak for itself.  This type of work ethic only further pushes the argument of just how high his potential ceiling could be when it’s all said and done.  

Offensively, Peavy can score from multiple spots on the floor.  In the half court, his quick first step allows him to get past defenders and get to the rim with ease.  He can put it on the floor with either hand and finish above the rim or draw fouls on bigger defenders because of his ability to attack the rim.  He can make plays for his teammates to get easy buckets and find people in the open court with his ability to see the floor as well as see over smaller defenders because of his height.  Although still improving his ball handling outside shooting, he has developed a more consistent three point shot and because of this teams can not cheat off him, but rather have to play him honest.  Another area where he has improved has been from the free throw line due to his ability to draw fouls when he gets to the rim.  

On the defensive side of the ball he is a great on ball defender who can guard multiple positions on the floor.  His speed and length give him the ability to keep smaller guards in front of him and also stay with bigger and stronger wings he faces.  He uses his leaping ability to secure rebounds on the defensive end and gets out into transition where he is most comfortable.  He plays passing lanes well, and anticipates steals and deflections and most importantly never takes a play off on the defensive side of the floor.  He was able to show some of these elite level skills last year at the USA U16 basketball trials as well as during the summer travel season where he gained interest from a few high major programs.  

Peavy was able to gain offers from Tennessee, Texas A&M, and most recently Tulane.  This past season his play on the court has also gained him high interest from the likes of LSU, Purdue, Houston, Stanford, Virginia Tech, Texas and UCLA.  Micah plays for Texas Hardwork during the spring and summer travel season.