The annual NY2LA Basketball Association has continued to see talented prospects blossom on the hardwood and garner both offers and accolades with each passing year and this spring has been no exception.  As we close with the final day of May today we take a look quickly at some of the top performers from this past spring.  So with that being stated here’s the NY2LA Basketball Association All-First Team performers from this past April…

(Note – Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Harlond Beverly – 2019 – SG – R.E.A.C.H. Legends
Another of the highly regarded prospects on the circuit this spring, Beverly was stellar at times while leading his team to an unblemished 8-0 mark during circuit play.  Equipped with a long athletic 6-5 frame, Beverly has shown a little bit of everything and confirmed his status once again as not only one of the top prospects in the country for his class but also one of the most underrated.  Holding a buffet of high major Division 1 offers, Beverly is really just scratching the surface of his potential.  He was among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 21.25 FIPG, Matrix at 7.88 MPG, Efficiency at 9.38 EPG, Assists at close to 4 APG, Steals at close to 2 PG, etc. all while scoring 12 PPG.  A multi-dimensional wing with the ability to impact the game in a variety of ways, Beverly is a high major impact talent who seems primed for a big July.

Desi Carton – 2019 – PG – Quad City Elite
The most decorated talent in the NY2LA Basketball Association circuit this spring, Carton has proved once again that if you have talent and deliver schools and attention will find you.  Regarded now as one of the premiere lead guards in the country and as high as top 25 nationally on some boards, Carton holds a number of offers and his stellar play this spring has also secured him in invitation to try out for the USA Basketball 18 & Under team as well as a camp invitation to the NBPA Top 100 Camp in June.  This just the pure individual accolades and while those are impressive his talent and production on the court has been much of the same.  He’s among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 25.75 FIPG, Matrix at 7.75 MPG, and scoring at close to 16 PPG.  Carton is strong, athletic, explosive, skilled, and he’s just starting his ascent so to speak.  One of the premiere prospects in the country was exceptional at times this spring.  

Marcus Domask – 2019 – SF – Ray Allen Select 
Another skilled multi-dimensional talent who impacts the game in a variety of ways, Domask delivered a quality individual effort while powering his team to a stellar 7-1 mark with one of the top schedules on the circuit.  Domask was among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 22 FIPG, Matrix at 8.29 MPG, Efficiency at 9.57 EPG, Assists at close to 3 APG, Rebounds at close to 6 RPG, etc. while scoring at a little over a 12 PPG clip.  Domask is skilled, can finish at each level, he has excellent vision, nice feel, and his ability to contribute and impact the game across the board was both impressive and dominant at times this spring.  

Dawand Jones – 2019 – C – Team Teague
A big wide body interior talent, Jones clogged up the paint on both ends all spring and helped power Team Teague to a solid 7-1 mark during circuit play.  A skilled talented around the basket with power, agility, and instincts, Jones led the league in Efficiency at 11.88 EPG while being among the league leaders in Floor Impact at 22.63 FIPG, Matrix at 8.75 MPG, Rebounds at 7 RPG, Field Goal Percentage, etc. while scoring close to 14 PPG.  His individual exploits were dominant and they powered his team to a quality spring and one of the top performances on the circuit.  

Drew Lutz – 2019 – PG – MBA Select
One of the breakout performers this spring, Lutz was consistently dominant and at times spectacular with his overall ability to impact the game.  An excellent perimeter shooting talent with the ability to knock down the jumper at the mid-range level and beyond the arc with consistency, Lutz makes the game look easy at times and he does so with high caliber production and efficiency.  He led the league in overall floor production per game at 35.13 FIPG while also leading in scoring at close to 26 PPG.  What’s equally impressive is that he was in the top 5 with overall efficiency at 9.25 EPG and he was in the top 10 in assists.  A talented left handed guard with instincts, feel, skill, and range, Lutz is one of the best kept secrets in Indiana.

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