If you like seeing versatile forwards that can move the floor with their ability to glide up and down the court and utilize their length and athletic tools to take over games, then you want to find an opportunity to watch 2020 Forward prospect JAMARI SIBLEY (Nicolet H.S. – Glendale, WI – Phenom University) play. Sibley has continued to stretch his game out the last couple years just as his 6’8”, 175-pound frame has stretched about the same amount of time.  The other thing continuing to make big leaps recently for the rising wing is his recruitment.

With his length, and aforementioned ability to almost effortlessly glide around the court, Sibley has a solid understanding of how to best use his skills. He plays above the rim on both ends of the floor and competes with outstanding basketball instincts. Even back as an 8th-grader it was apparent Sibley has a real feel for putting the ball in the hoop on the offensive side and can really score in bunches when he gets rolling. The other thing that has likely impressed those college coaches the more they get to watch the 6’9” forward is his ability to put the ball in the hoop and be affective when he’s not hitting in rhythm. The way Sibley gets up the court really keeps a defense on its heels and allows himself to score and be a threat as he gets the rest of his game clicking.

Currently, Sibley has offers already extended from UW-Milwaukee, UW-Green Bay, UNLV, Kansas State, Arizona State, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Iowa, Marquette, Minnesota, USC, and DePaul. “It feels great, all the hard work I’ve been putting in is paying off, but I’m never going to stop working,” Sibley said of his feelings towards getting recognition from colleges and picking up some exciting offers. He also took a few minutes over the phone to discuss his thoughts on his recruitment from the multiple schools:

UW-MILWAUKEE – “They were my second offer and they’re my hometown… I like the coaching staff there a lot and the campus/facilities are nice.”

UW-GREEN BAY – “When I first got it, it was my first offer and it really pushed me to want to keep getting more offers… The coach is great, he’s really nice and their staff was excellent. They have a new facility and the gym was really cool too.”

UNLV – “When I got UNLV, I was happy ‘because it was out in Vegas and their coaching staff has been good getting to know them.”

KANSAS STATE – “They made a deep tournament run and they really let their guys play. They don’t just sit back. I really like that style of play.”

ARIZONA STATE – “I kind of first heard of them because of being a fan of James Harden and he set a good tradition… I think Arizona is nice to be in too.”

GEORGIA TECH – “The coach at GT has been on me pretty often and he really likes the way I play… He thinks I’d fit in really well with their program.”

ILLINOIS – “It’s really nice there and it’s nearby… Playing in the Big Ten is tough but they historically have a winning tradition there and some really good talent.”
IOWA – “The coach has been on me heavy and their coaching staff and facilities are great… They really seem to like the way I compete and how I’d fit with their team.”
MARQUETTE – “It’s in my hometown and they produce some great talent, develop some great pro’s and they seem to teach the right things with their players.”

MINNESOTA – “They just built a brand-new facility and got Rob Jeter, who was in Milwaukee and has ties back to my hometown, so we have a great connection really… They’re a nice school with a good team.”

USC – “Being out in California is nice and I look forward to getting a chance to visit there to see the school and see the team out there.”

DEPAUL – “It’s another school that’s close to home and the campus seems really nice. They’ve built a good tradition there and the coaching staff has been really good.”

Sibley has also picked up a head of steam with some other major colleges recently with interest from the likes of Texas, UCLA, Colorado State, Nebraska, Purdue, Texas A&M and Butler. “Those schools are really high on me they’ve said… They want to see me perform at Peach Jam and they look forward to seeing how I improve as a player.”

Sibley has had some big opportunities this spring and start of summer playing against some top-notch competition on the EYBL circuit, and going to work at some of the country’s top camps with other highly touted prospects.  “Playing with such a good team and being in the EYBL, the competition is so high and we’ve been getting more and more respect lately it seems,” the talented forward said of what the last few months have been like on the court for him. Sibley will continue to have college coaches’ eyes on him as he gets competing again on the circuit in July as he and his Phenom University teammates look to do damage at Peach Jam. “I’m just looking forward to working to try and win Peach Jam and our other summer tournaments and just getting better every day, becoming more of the player I know I’m capable of being.”

Sibley’s recruitment is still wide open and is likely to continue gaining traction over the next year. He’ll likely wait till his Senior year of high school to narrow things down.