Getting out to a gym and seeing 6’11” standout athletes isn’t something you see every day. However, the folks out in South Carolina are going to have the opportunity to see one of the country’s best young post products for a few years yet. John Butler, a 2021 F/C, hales from Greenville, SC (Christ Church Episcopal School – Team United) and is quickly becoming a coveted prospect off the east coast and gaining steam with some high major Division I schools around the country.

Taking the court stretching out at 6’11” tall and developing, Butler’s height and length is tantalizing for scouts. When you see everything he brings to the table on the court, it’s even more impressive, and it’s safe to say he will be a hot prospect for college programs to track over the next couple years. “As a player I feel my strengths are rim protecting, being versatile and stretching the floor out with my three-point shooting,” Butler said of his skill-set and what he excels at currently. Again with his length and wingspan, he adds great IQ and timing defensively and is one of the premier shot-blockers in his class. He rarely over extends and really makes it difficult around the basket for opponents. As he mentioned, his outside shooting is a major asset of his game also, and makes him sort of a stretch 4. In being that type of player however, Butler knows he has to hone some of his other skills that will make him more of a threat on the wing where he can continue to play an inside-outside type game offensively, saying that he really wants to improve his ball handling skills – though he is still capable of handling the rock enough to put pressure on defenders. On top of the skill-set, the talented young prospect wants to step up more as a leader and continue being a heady player.

“This year’s basketball season a goal I have as a team is making it to the state championship game and as a team showing the people watching our full display of ability,” Butler commented, showing the type of leader he is and really wanting the best for his team. The goal of getting to the championship game is common for many young players, but with a player of Butler’s size and abilities leading the way, the rest of the team will likely look to follow his example and play with a lot of determination. It’s a goal they will continue from some good competition a year ago. “Our final game last year, we were playing in the first round away at Abbeyville… the game was just so intense and I think that was one of the best games we played as a team,” Butler described, adding that he recorded an ultra impressive triple-double in the outing, going for 25 points, 10 rebounds and 10 blocks.

Butler clearly loves playing the game and seems to enjoy himself any time he is out on the court competing. “My main motivation is just this love and passion I have for the game.” That is something college scouts can really pick up on and makes a prospect with the skills and athletic traits Butler has, even more enticing, because he is going to put his heart into getting better at the craft. He continued that “I also feel that I could really get somewhere with basketball and really leave my mark on this world,” and then adding “so that I can make a name for myself and everyone would remember my legacy.”

The 6’10”-6’11” Phenom has plenty of talent and yet plenty of potential, something schools around the country are certainly taking note of, as Butler already has offers from Virginia Tech, Baylor, St. Louis, DePaul, Tennessee, and Clemson.

Butler took a visit to St. Louis over the summer while at the Nike Elite 100 Camp, and then later visited Clemson and South Carolina (who has shown high interest being his home state) in the fall. “Right now is just the beginning of my recruitment and I’m just so blessed and excited to see how the rest plays out.”