Looking over the landscape of players that should be rising from a recruitment standpoint after this past summer season, 2022 Forward prospect Nigel Hylton should continue creating some buzz. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario (Canada), Hilton competed during July with PB Nation-Toronto. He helped lead them to a title at the early July NY2LA Sports tournament with outstanding play and was often the top player in the game throughout the event.

What Hylton brings to the table are the tantalizing physical tools everyone seeks in today’s hoops. At about 6’7”-6’8” Hylton can really stretch the floor with his blend of skills. While still lanky, the rising forward has the time and frame to fill out and add strength which will further boost his overall game. With his height now though, Hylton can handle the ball well, where he can really take bigger defenders and pull them out to the perimeter with him and then get by them with either hand. With smaller defenders, the stretch forward is a difficult cover because of his jump shot, which he has a really nice release and flow as it leaves his hand. Hylton is more than capable from the three-point line and is awesome from the mid-range areas in the offense.

Defensively, Hylton still has some work to do with his movement and anticipation, but his length and overall athleticism already make him difficult to get around or score over. While working on his strength and explosiveness, Hylton plays with a lot of energy on the boards and times up opportunities to block shots well.

Hylton was outstanding in July, particularly with his play at the NY2LA Sports event where he scored 26 points and had a double-double in a championship victory. If he’s a sleeper for schools at all still, he won’t be for much longer. He will be playing at Lake Forest Academy (IL) this season where he will look to prove he is a major player in the 2022 class.