We continue to dive into the 2019 NY2LA Sports Futures Camp with a thorough analysis of the prospects in attendance.  Yesterday we glanced at the leaders in terms of Floor Impact and now we move into Efficiency.  Here’s a look at the five most efficient players this past weekend in terms of their overall production…

(1)  Tyrese Hunter – 2021 – PG – Racine St. Catherines (WI) – EPG 12.7
Hunter delivered a Co-MVP performance this past weekend and not only was it dominant but it was equally as efficient.  He shot 54 percent from the field (i.e. 30-56), had a 6/1 assist to turnover ratio at 12 to 2, and he shot close to 40 percent from beyond the arc.  

(2 Tie)  Danilo Jovanovich – 2022 – G/F – Whitnall (WI) – EPG 10
A Co-MVP in the 2022 class, Jovanovich shot 53 percent from the field (i.e. 20-38), he was 60 percent from beyond the arc (i.e. 3-5), and he had 4 assists and did not commit a turnover throughout the day.  

(2 Tie)  Amar Augillard – 2021 – F – Zion-Benton (IL) – EPG 10
The majority of the work Augillard did was scoring and he did so at a very high level while shooting 74 percent from the field (i.e. 31-42).  He took quality shots and he made them at a highly consistent level throughout the day.  He was also 100 percent from the free throw line making all three of his foul shots on Saturday.

(2 Tie)  Ty Pence – 2023 – G/F – St. Joe-Ogden (IL) – EPG 10
A Co-MVP performance for Pence in the 2023 class wasn’t just bolstered by his overall Floor Impact, it was also helped by the fact he was the most efficient producer on the day in his respective class.  He shot 74 percent from the field (i.e. 14-19), he shot 70 percent from beyond the arc (i.e. 7-10), he had a 2.5 to 1 assist to turnover ratio, and he contributed on the glass.  A high quality days work.

(5)  Simeon Murchinson – 2023 – F/C – Milwaukee Bay View (WI) – EPG 9.7
A fast rising big, Murchinson was stellar again in this area finishing at 68 percent from the field (i.e. 15-22), 100 percent from beyond the arc (2-2), and he had a 2 to 1 assist to turnover ratio.