One of the more intriguing senior wings in the Chicago area is Elijah Watson. Watson is a 6’7” small forward of TF South High School and plays with Young & Reckless. He is one of the more under the radar players that could turn a lot of heads this season. 

While he does not have any scholarship offers, he has a great deal of college interest from a wide range of levels. Augustana, Bethune-Cookman, Chicago State, Illinois Tech, and Western Michigan are the schools that have been in touch with him the most recently. 

The senior has a few particular things he wants in his future school “I’m looking for a school that believes in me and the talents I have. I want a place I can call home and work on myself and improve my game to a different level.”

The athletic wing has a well-rounded skill set and plays with a ton of energy. He is at his best attacking the basket as he can be very tough to stay in front. Around the basket, he is a strong finisher who can score over and though defenders. On the other end of the court, Watson sees his greatest strength “I feel like (my) ability to guard is key at the next level.” Another aspect of his game that he mentioned is his basketball IQ, “I make good decisions like a guard in a 6’7” frame. I feel like that will translate well at the next level.” 

While there is plenty to like about his game, Watson keyed in on one specific aspect of his game that he is working on. “I want to improve my three-point shot. Once I improve that it will open up my game even more.” 

With the high school season almost here, Watson has his eyes set on some big things. “Goal is definitely the state title. We have a lot of young and unknown talent. We’re definitely going to surprise a lot of people.”