This past weekend, I made a visit to my second jamboree which featured host CBC, John Burroughs, Hazelwood East and St. Mary’s. Each team had solid post season showings in 2019 and appear to be even better positioned to go the distance for the upcoming season.  

2020 G Caleb Love, CBC – The North Carolina commit showed a nice balance between scoring and facilitating. Although defenders were eager to try and earn their merit badges trying to stop Love, the 6-3 senior guard remained focused on keeping his teammates engaged. Nevertheless, the senior guard still sent a clear message that he was more than capable of getting a bucket when needed. His shooting, ballhandling and playmaking were unmatched throughout the day.

2021 G Chevalier Brenson, CBC -The 6-2 athletic Brenson performs well in his role as the perimeter muscle for the team. Brenson is up and down the floor in a blur finishing through contact in transitions, diving for loose balls, bullying his way to the rim and getting under the skin of his offensive opponents. Brenson’s toughness on defense is a definite asset for the Cadets.

2020 PG Justin Smith, CBC – The 5-11 speedy point guard pushed the tempo for the Cadets, but also did a great job setting up in the half court when early offense failed to yield options. Smith was good at scouting out the painted area to set up opportunities for his teammates. His on the ball defense led to a number of easy transition baskets. 

2022 SG Larry Hughes, Jr., CBC – One of the top young shooters in the state, Hughes who missed a number of games last season due to injury, is sure to help the Cadets stretch the floor this season. The 6-4 Hughes also showed that he can score off the dribble and his reach is impressive when outstretched for layups. It’s obvious that he’s not done adding inches to his frame.

2022 G Mikhail Abdul-Hamid, CBC – The 6-4 sophomore shooting guard was likely the most voluminous three-point shooter of the jamboree but he is just as likely to have tallied the highest percentage of makes.  His range and consistency spelled trouble for defenders when he shared the floor with one or more other Cadet shooters to open up the lane for slashers like Love and Brenson. 

2021 G Jonathan Brown, Hazelwood East – The 6’0 guard was one of a cadre of Spartan guards capable of knocking down shots beyond the arc. Although Brown proved that he is more than capable of creating his own shots off the dribble, he also took advantage of open shots created from some nice sets run by the Spartans.  

2020 G Jordan Gilmore, Hazelwood East – The senior guard used a variety of tools to generate offense for the Spartans. The 6’4 senior muscled his way to the rim, knocked down open jump shots out to three and nailed midrange shots off the bounce. 

2020 G Tohrez Simms, Hazelwood East – Simms is another good shooter on the Spartans roster. The 6’2 left handed guard gets good elevation on his shot and comes off screens ready to fire. Simms was also a go-to scorer in transition and into early offense due to his ability knock down the three or beat his man off the dribble and stop and pop over help defense. 

2020 G Chris Rose, Hazelwood East – The 6’2 Rose shined on both ends of the floor. Rose did a good job defending on the ball. Rose showed that he didn’t mind getting up and personal with ball handlers to curtail an aggressive slasher. On offense, Rose was at his best attacking the basket and didn’t let an occasional bump deter him from his goal. 

2022 F Will Gurley – The 6-6 sophomore had a productive and showed up in several columns of the stat sheet. On defense, he did a good job attacking the glass and rebounding out of area. He had solid on the ball defense and deflected or blocked a number of shots. Gurley has nice shooting form with range out to three. He also displayed confidence in attacking off the dribble and finishing over smaller opponents. 

2020 SF Sofara Rasas – Rasas is an active guard who looked for opportunities in the open court where he could put his jumping ability on display. During the course of the Jamboree, he was able to give us a few crowd-pleasing rim rattlers. Rasas is at his best slashing to the rim and finishing through contact. Rasas is a rough and tumble player that will attack the offensive glass and stay with the play until a basket is scored.