After a successful career at Denmark High School in Wisconsin, Patrick Suemnick decided to take the prep school route and attend Bosco Institute in Crown Point, Indiana. Even after a strong senior season that saw the 6’8” power forward average 18 points and 10 rebounds per game on his way to being named all-state by the WBCA, Suemnick felt one more year before college could be highly beneficial. “After making huge improvements my junior and season year of high school, I knew that all I needed was one more solid year and I would be able to compete at the Div. 1 level.”

So far Suemnick has highly enjoyed his short time in Indiana at the Bosco Institute. “It really doesn’t get much better than this at Bosco. I have two college credit classes to keep me sharp for school next year, and the rest of the time is basketball. Weight room workouts in the morning, skill work after that, and practice. I’m living the dream.” 

Another thing that Suemnick has liked is the coaching staff at Bosco, “This year we were extremely lucky to be coached by one of the all-time great Euro League coaches, Matteo Boniciolli. When you have a coach who knows the game at the deepest level, you learn small details that make all the difference. I’ve learned a ton already and we’ve only been here for a few months.” 

The power forward has received plenty of interest from both Division 1 and 2 schools. He holds a few Div. 2 scholarship offers plus picked up his first Div. 1 offer from Cleveland State back in July. As well to his offers, there is a long list of schools that have shown interest in Suemnick recently including Boston College, Bradley, Cornell, Drexel, IUPUI, Rice, and Valparaiso, Wisconsin-Milwaukee among many others. 

There are a few different things Suemnick mentioned when asked about what he is looking for in his future school, “I’m looking for a place where we have a solid chance of making the NCAA Tournament in my four years. Where I can continue to develop my game so that I have the ability to continue playing after my collegiate career.” As well the post grad product mentioned that the overall environment was the most important thing for him, but the size or location of the school isn’t much of a factor. 

While there is plenty to like about Suemnick’s game, there are several things he is working on improving, “I’m always working on my shot dribbling, and defensive skills, but the point of emphasis this year is on transitioning my game to more of a true forward position. I understand that at the next level, 6’8” isn’t a very practical height for a big man, so I’m working on strengthening my wing game.” 

If Suemnick can continue to grow his overall game and wing skills, expect the interest and additional offers to come his way.