Earlier this month we released our player rankings for the 2020 class in Illinois and today we continue to move forward with our initial top 25 player rankings for 2021 class in the state.  Once again the process to getting these rankings was to poll each of our contributing editors for the state and then crunch the numbers to come up with a composite ranking that more accurately reflects and objective approach for all involved.  Only players that are currently attending high school in Illinois and playing in the state of Illinois were considered.  So with that being said here’s a quick glance at the top 10… 


(1)  Max Christie – G – Rolling Meadows (IL)
A top 10 player nationally with the physical tools and skill package that’s elite, Christie is the alpha in the class and he’s trending upward with each passing month.

(2)  Bryce Hopkins – F – Fenwick (IL) – Verbally committed to Louisville
A multi-skilled talent with some versatility, size, and instincts, Hopkins is just starting to take off and his production across the board is impressive and dominant in the same sense.

(3)  Brandon Weston – G/F – Morgan Park (IL) 
An athletic tough wing talent that plays hard with heart and has the ability to be dominant on both ends, Weston is one of the truly under appreciate players nationally who brings it game in and game out.

(4)  Ahamad Bynum – G – Simeon (IL)
An ultra-quick skilled guard with handles, instincts, and the ability to score at multiple levels, Bynum is one of the more explosive guards in the country on any given night.

(5)  Chris Hodges – F/C – Schaumburg (IL) – Verbally committed to Wisconsin
A talented interior prospect who consistently delivers night in and night out.  You know what you’re going to get with Hodges every time he takes the floor.

(6)  Louis Lesmond – SG – Notre Dame Prep (IL)
A native of France, Lesmond is quietly trending up the board as one of the more intriguing and talented wing scoring guards in the state.  He can finish at multiple levels, he has solid feel, and his athleticism is above average as well.

(7)  Isaiah Barnes – F – Oak Park River Forest (IL)
In the midst of a stellar junior campaign this season, Barnes is one that’s trending upward fast and with his continued development and efforts he could put himself inside the top 5 before it’s all said and done.

(8)  Amar Augillard – G/F – Zion-Benton (IL)
A tough physical talent that can score inside and outside on any given night, Augillard has shown an improved perimeter stroke over the past 6 months and his ability to put the ball on the ground and score when needed is dominant as well.  A physical talent that can post a double double on any given night, he’s one of the best kept secrets in the state of Illinois right now.

(9)  John Poulakidas – SG – Nequa Valley (IL)
Another trending name on the recruiting landscape, Poulakidas can score at each level and he has shown an ability to contribute across the board.  His ceiling is high and his best basketball is in front of him.

(10)  Anthony Sayles – G/F – Notre Dame Prep (IL) 
A classic slashing wing with athleticism and an ability to score at multiple levels, Sayles is injured right now but when healthy he’s one of the more intriguing and exciting players to watch in the state on any given night.

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