Everyone loves to go to a game and catch high flying dunks and athletic plays at the rim. We thought we would look at five of the most explosive athletes in the Class of 2020 in Illinois…

Note – Not listed in alphabetical order

AQUAN SMART - 6’3 - PG - NILES NORTH You can't make a list about explosive athletes without Aquan Smart. The Niles North senior is an extremely explosive athlete when it comes to getting off the ground. He will make you pay if you try to jump with him. He gets downhill hard and is a great leaper off of one foot. 

DANTE MADDOX JR. - 6’2 - SG - BLOOM TWP Maddox is an unassuming high flying guard. Walking into the gym you would think that he is more of a physical finisher at the rim. Which he is but he is also a punisher at the rim, he can finish above the rim with ease off two feet and is a fun athlete to watch. 

CHRISTIAN SHUMATE - 6’5 - SF - BLOOM TWP The second entry from Bloom Twp on this list has taken Twitter by storm. His rim rattling dunks have become something of a daily expectation when you open your Twitter account. He is about as explosive as it gets and has been for a couple years now it will be interesting to see what school he ends up at next year. 

RAMEAN HINTON - 6’5 - SG - CURIE Hinton is one of the more explosive players in the state just based off the way he plays the game. He plays extremely hard at all times and loves to get to the rim. He gets off the ground well with two feet and explodes through contact at the rim. He is a great pick up for SEMO and will make an impact for them right away. 

SANGOLAY NJIE - 6’7 - PF - WHITNEY YOUNG Njie had a dunk that went viral a couple days ago when he leaped over a defender with ease. This isn't abnormal for the Whitney Young PF who continues to develop his game every time he steps on the court. Whitney Young will rely on Njie to do some of the dirty work if they want to make a deep run in the state playoffs.