The Class of 2021 is powered by the perimeter in Illinois and today we glance at five of the top marksmen in the state that rip the nets with consistency…

MAX CHRISTIE - 6’6 - PG - ROLLING MEADOWS Christie has become one of the deadliest shooters in the state. It’s not his accuracy that makes him dangerous it’s his range. Christie can knock down shots from five feet beyond the arc with relative ease. This opens up opposing defenses who have to guard him as soon as he crosses half court. 

LOUIS LESMOND - 6’6 - SG - NOTRE DAME Lesmond has developed his overall game to become a high major division one basketball recruit. One thing that he has always had was a smooth jumper. His quick release allows him to get jumpers off quick while his nice sweep and sway assures that his shot will be accurate. 

JOHN POULAKIDAS - 6’6 - SG - NEUQUA VALLEY Poulakidas has become a high major prospect because of his ability to fill it up from deep. He is a special player who has the athleticism to take players off the dribble because they have to respect his jumper. He continues to show that he can knock down deep shots at a consistent clip, he's one of the most intriguing prospects in Illinois when it comes to the junior class.

JAEHSHON THOMAS - 6’3 - PG/SG - WHITNEY YOUNG Thomas is always in a position to knock down a jumper. I love his willingness to take shots that are sometimes seen as unconventional at the high school level. He loves to pull it off the dribble in transition and some of the shots he makes just confirm he will be able to knock threes down with consistency at the college level. 

BLAKE PETERS - 6’3 - SG - EVANSTON The list wouldn't be complete with possibly the most deadly shooter not just in his class but the entire state. He does it all. Shoots it off the dribble, on the catch, moving, fading. Whenever a shot needs to be made expect the ball to be in his hands as he is one of the most pure jump shooters in the entire country