Kody Williams is a 2021 junior guard from Wayzata High School in Minnesota. Williams has been a starter for two years and this season he is establishing himself as a leader.  With an important summer coming for recruiting, Williams is still staying focused to lead Wayzata back to state. Williams is averaging 12.9 points per game with the 21 vs Cambridge-Isanti being this high. 

RS: Have you been getting interest from colleges? Any offers?
KW: I’ve been getting some D1 interest, no offers yet though.

RS: At Wayzata for many years you guys have had Senior's to lead. What's it like this year with guys like you, Carter and Cam?
KW: My first 2 years it was different for me to lead because of the amount of seniors we had. This year us 3 get a chance to lead our team and get some victories.

RS: Difficult schedule so far, but quality win over Cretin-Derham Hall, do you feel these early struggles are going to push you guys for bigger things later this season?
KW: We weren’t at 100% starting the season, missing Cam the first 5 and Eddie just coming back tonight. We will be a hard team to beat once those guys get their feet under them. We called our first 6 losses preseason losses. Our season started Friday night. 

RS: Good way to look at a season. A lot of games left. How's it being able to be a leader this year
KW: It’s been fun connecting with a lot of guys and getting to know them more and more. Leading isn’t points, assists, rebounds etc. it’s being vocal and being there for your teammates when you hit adversity.

RS: What about your game sets you apart from other guards?
KW: I can see the floor more than most guys, I like to create using my speed. Defense is also something I take pride in.

RS: I think I saw something about you that your defense was solid.  What goals do you have for 2020?
KW: To lead our team to a state championship, connect these group of guys and make a 2nd family.

RS: That's what's up. Last question, anything you want people to know about you?
KW: I’m taking over summer 2020.

RS:  I definitely think it's possible. 

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