Josh Rogers of Washburn High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota is a six foot three inch high energy rebounding wing and who gets out into transition to make high probability close shots. After a 36 point, 20 rebound and 3 block performance to end 2019, Rogers is averaging 18 points per game to lead Washburn.

Washburn in 2018-19 struggled for the season, to win games in conference and versus non-conference. In 2019-20 Washburn has won four games, one more than all of 2018-19. Rogers' improvement has been a significant reason for that improvement.

I caught up with Josh to talk about the season, recruiting, and more…

Q: How do you think you're season is going so far?
A: Good

Q: How about the 30 point game last night, what do you think you did well?
A: Yea had to carry my team to 3rd place in the tournament. Couldn’t let us lose.

Q: A skill I've notice you have that's unique is you grab a lot of offensive rebounds. Is there a mentality that you have where you just go for every board? Or you think you know where to be to grab those boards?
A: It's kind of both, like if I'm on offense I want to grab every board because we're not going on defense without scoring so I do my best to grab every board. One of my strengths, rebounds I average about 19 boards again.  And defense, just go for every board. Wherever the ball go I go. 

Q: It's great to have a skill like that so you focus improvement elsewhere. This summer while playing Fury, where do think you improved most?
A: My scoring because Fury started me off as a guard so I can build my skills. I’m scoring a lot because we had big men.  But we was shooting a lot at practice and dribbling so I improved a lot with them.

Q: Was there a difference in their practices that you weren't use to?
A: Yea the traveling. And the shooting forms we was doing taught me a lot.

Q: How's your recruitment going? Anybody offered you as of yet?
A: No not yet.

Q: Any schools showing interest and want to see more you?
A: All the D3s in Minnesota.

Q: Lastly, anything you want to tell potential recruiters about you they might not now that you want them to know?
A: Work hard every day in the gym, every day none stop. Give it my all and I’m ready for all challenges and obstacles.