One of the more under the radar junior big men in the Midwest is Selle Dime. Dime is an athletic 6’9” F/C at Golda Meir High School in Wisconsin. While at this point Dime has had limited interest from college coaches, it’s only a matter of time before all of his abilities get more coaches interested. 

The junior makes his biggest impact on the defensive end of the court. Dime has great length and athletic ability in addition to good timing and a quick second jump to be able to block shots in bunches. His defensive ability however is not limited to just his shot blocking ability. He plays with a good motor and moves very well for a big to get all over opponents around the paint to be a tough overall defender on the interior. As well Dime’s skills are not just on the defensive side of the ball. 

His offensive game has continued to grow more and more. He gets up well and is a strong finisher around the basket. He has a developing jump shot and can stretch the floor from the mid-range. As well, Dime runs the floor very well and is tough for opposing big men to stick with in the open floor to score transition baskets. 

When talking about if there are any players he models his game after, one came to mind, Pascal Siakam. Dime added in the reasoning for it being, “everyone calls me Siakim and his work ethic.”

This season Dime and Golda Meir High School got off to a very rocky start with four straight losses. Since then they have been able to get their season back on track winning five of their last seven games to raise their record up to 5-6 on the season. “We’ve been working and getting better every game,” is what Dime contributed to the turn-around in the season for Golda Meir. With the recent success, Dime’s goal for the year is to win 16 games.