Weather in the Metro Detroit area couldn’t keep fans away from these four high level games.  Each of the four contest had really good prospects and matchups.  Below are a few standout players who played well during the Fastbreak Invitational in Michigan hosted by Inside Prep Sports…

Note – Not listed in any particular order

Pierre Brooks Jr. ’21 | 6’5 Guard (Frederick Douglass) – Probably one of the hottest recruits in Michigan and the Midwest put on a show!  Going up against another high level guard didn’t stop Brooks from scoring inside and out.  His much improved jump shot has spiked his recruiting with The University of Michigan and Arizona State offering him lately.  His ability to make shots, attack the paint and finish at the rim makes him really hard to guard and was on full display in this contest as he finished with 20 points and 5 rebounds.     

Griffin Yaklich ’20 | 6’5 Guard (Saline) – Griffin took the challenge of going up against another high level recruit and he delivered.  He kept his Saline Yellow Jackets in the contest throughout the game by attacking the lane, creating shots for his teammates and finishing at the rim.  His basketball IQ and passing are what makes him a desirable recruit for NCAA D1 and D2 schools.  Yaklich has a long frame, really good handle and feel for the game.  He finished the game with 18 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists. 

Julian Lewis ’21 | 6’6 Forward (Ann Arbor Huron) – There is no mistake why multiple NCAA Division 1 Mid Major schools have offered Julian Lewis.  He plays hard on both ends of the floor, can make plays on and off the ball while attacking the rim in transition.  He is a consistent shooter and can make shoots beyond the arch which makes him a tough match-up for high school opponents.  

Zavion McClendon ’20 | 6’2 Guard (Frederick Douglass) – Zavion is the perfect complement to Brooks because he can score and is aggressive looking for his shot.  He has no problem creating his own shot and attacking the rim.  He finished well at the basket in this contest and put tons of pressure on the Saline defense.  McClendon finished the game with 14 points including 9 in the 4th quarter and 7 rebounds.  

Jack Williams ’21 | 6’0 Guard (Ann Arbor Skyline) - In the first contest of the day against Detroit Pershing, Williams was lights out from 3.  Making four three pointers in the 1st half helped Skyline build a big lead on the Doughboys.  Williams is the type of guard you need in your offense to space the floor.  His shooting ability makes it hard for teams to play zone and definitely cannot leave him open.  He finished the game with 22 points and 5 rebounds in a 64-47 win.  

Trevor Arico ’20 | 5’10 Guard (Saline) – Another high level shooter in this invitational.  Playing alongside Yaklich, who likes to attack and look for shooters, helps Arico get great looks.  He drilled multiple three-pointers and is the type of shooter every coach needs but neglects to recruit. Could be a really good recruit for NCAA D3 schools because of his size but he can flat out shoot it.  He finished this contest against Frederick Douglass with 20 points and five made three pointers. 

Kabir Bergin ’20 | 6’4 Forward (Ann Arbor Skyline) – Returning starter from last season showed much progress in his game.  He filled up the box score this game and showed he could make an impact on offense and defense.  Kabir made shots on the perimeter, scored inside, defended the paint and rebounded well.  He finished the contest with 15 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.  Bergin should be on your list to checkout college coaches especially at the D2/D3 level.  

Tyson Edmondson ’21 | 6’3 Guard (Ann Arbor Huron) – This guard has RANGE!!  The three pointers Tyson made during the contest were from deep.  He made six three pointers and all of them were well beyond the arch.  Coaches looking for a deep range shooter look no further than Tyson Edmonson as he finished the game with 18 points.  Ann Arbor Huron won 47-41 over North Farmington.

Connor Bush ’20 | 6’4 Forward (Belleville) – Matching up against a Big Ten wide receiver isn’t the easiest thing to do but Bush was ready for it.  He rebounded well for the home team and finished well at the basket.  Being able to screen, pop and attack gives him opportunities to attack the basket and hit the jump shot when needed.  Bush is a multi-sport athlete with a NCAA D1 Football offer to play Morgan State University with tons of interest from others for football and basketball.  He ended this contest with 20 points and 8 rebounds.