Jarell Jacobs is a 6'1 Guard from Cass-Lake Bena. You're probably wondering where Cass-Lake is? Well, it's just North of Walker and is on the Leach Lake Reservation. Playing versus Deer Lake recently Jacobs scored 57 points and 22 rebounds. 

For small 1A schools like Cass-Lake to be successful they need players who do it all. Red Lake, another Indian Reservation school, had Rob McClain, hyper athletic wing Swiss-army knife a couple of years ago. McClain worked himself to a JUCU then University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

There are differences between Jacobs and McClain, mostly four inches and McClain is a hyper athletic wing, but Jacobs does it all. Scores, passes, rebounds, blocks shots, and anything the team needs. 

Q: How's the season going? 
A: The season is going good, we are young with two 8th graders stepping up and playing some key roles. We started the season slow and played some really good teams, but we are picking it up, and taking it one game at a time.

Q: Do you feel a bit of responsibility as a senior to bring them along and show them the way?
A: Yeah, going into this year I knew we were going to be a young team. If I set the tone early, I feel they will be just as comfortable, and play their game.

Q: In games, what have you done to keep this going? 
A: Trying to do all the little things and play both sides of the ball.

Q: I've noticed with the scoring you provide you rebound, play defense, and really everything on the floor. How's recruiting going for you? Any offers or interest?
A: Recruitment is slow but there is some interest and hopefully I find the right place to go on with my education and play basketball.

Q: Is there anything you're looking to study in college?
A: Criminal Justice, or Carpentry.