Broden Lien is a six foot eight inch forward from Norman County East/Ulen-Hitterdal, or NCEUH for short. NCEUH is located in Twin Valley, Minnesota, population 800 or so people. Lien is a big fish in a small pond.

He's feasted on the small Single A schools of Minnesota basketball. So far for 2019-20 vs Lake Park-Audubon he had 36 points, Rothsay 39 points, and then vs Red Lake he had 38 points.  Lien is averaging 26 points, 11 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 2.2 steals, and 1.6 blocks per game for the 9-3 NCEUH team. 

I caught up with Lien last week to discuss the season and more…

Q: How's the season going so far for you and the team? 
A: Pretty good we are 9-3. We got size and got guys who can shoot pretty well. We could make a good run this year.

Q: Game vs Red Lake I watched thanks to your Mom's YouTube, I don't know why they zoned you guys.  What are you doing to push the team ahead to make that run?
A: Push my teammates. Try and get better every practice. Make sure to keep our composure during different situations in games.

Q: What part of your game you think sets you apart?
A: My ability to pull up anywhere for my height.

Q : How's the recruiting process going? Do you have any offers?
A: The recruiting process is going good so far. I don’t have any offers, but I got interests form a few D2's and couple D1's.

Q: What kind of stuff have they been saying to you?
A: Some came to games and said that they like what they see. Others said they like my skill set and handle the ball at my size. Most are planning on coming to games/practices.