A number of talented 2020 prospects are still on the board from coast to coast and the state of Minnesota is no exception to that.  We caught up with former Minnesota standout and Howard Pulley standout Ariel Bland who is now at Compass Prep…

Q: What made you transfer to Compass Prep?
A: Just after talking with some people from AAU I thought it would be best for me and my recruitment to go to a prep school.

Q: Has it been difficult adjusting there?
A: Yes it’s definitely been a difficult adjustment moving away from family and friends. It's getting a little bit better knowing that it’ll work out in the end but it was definitely difficult in the beginning.

Q: I've talked to Treyton Thompson and Kendall Brown recently. Both like you transferred to a Prep School this year. They've both said practices are harder and training is better. How for you has Prep school been different than HS if it has?
A: It’s definitely been different because that’s not many distractions at a prep school, you’re just locked in on school and basketball. Practices are hard because you’re competing against D1 players every single day in practice so that definitely makes you up your game every day.

Q: Your old team, Eden Prairie is playing well so far this year. Have you been checking on them?
A: Yes, those are some of my best friends so I’m always checking in on them. I wish them the best going forward to the state championship, and I believe they will win it all.

Q: That's awesome. I'm sure they appreciate you rooting them along. How's recruiting going? Any offers you've gotten to share?
A: Recruitment is going well. I have an offer from Southern Utah, and interest from schools like North Dakota, Appalachian State, Nebraska-Omaha, Cal-Poly, Portland, and Towson.

Q: Anywhere us back in Minnesota can watch your Prep School games?
A: Yes they live stream out games on The Grind Session on YouTube. 

Q: That's great. I'll download a few to put together some highlights. Lastly, how's it getting away from Minnesota winter?
A: It’s nice, I like it, but I’m so used to the Minnesota weather. I miss the snow at times.