Single A schools in Northern Minnesota tend to play the best players regardless of class it seems. At Mountain Iron-Buhl under first year boys Varsity Head Coach Jeff Buffetta, they are starting four freshman. One of those freshman, 2023 Asher Zubich, a scoring machine. Zubich has put up 528 points through 18 games averaging 30.8 per game.

The speedy six-foot guard has some ridiculous range for a freshman too hitting multiple there's from the volleyball line while making 45% of his three's. Zubich like many all Single A standouts contributes other ways as well. He's averaging 5.6 rebounds and 5.1 assists.

Q: I see you're averaging 30.8 points per and had a 61 point game recently, and you're only a freshman right? 
A: Yes.

Q: What's it like putting up so many points as just a freshman?
A: It seems unreal but it's really fun.

Q: How are you guys doing as a team?
A: We’re 9-9 at the moment but we make progress every day.

Q:  I see you play football too. Do you think playing both sports helps you at the other sport?
A: Yes because they both teach hard work and dedication.

Q: Any other interest outside basketball and football?
A: Weightlifting and conditioning.

Q: Anything else you can tell me? 
A: I just take lots of pride in basketball. Our team starts 4 freshman a game so we’re looking at a bright future.