Kian Scroggins is a senior forward for Raymore-Peculiar High School. The 6-8 Kansas City area standout is having a fantastic season that he hopes will conclude with a Class 5 state title. As a junior, Scroggins was an all-conference and all-district selection and name to the all-state tournament team after averaging 19 points and 11 rebounds. This season, Scroggins is once again on his way to season honors averaging 18 points and 12 rebounds. 

The Sam Houston State signee is giving Bearkats fans a taste of what’s to come when he enters the Southland Conference. The versatile lefty has nice size, strength and a solid skill set that allows him to impact both sides of the ball. He is a physical post player, aggressive rebounder, and more than willing to sit down and guard on defense. With the success of the Ray-Pec team and the strong play of Scroggins, I wanted to take the opportunity to chat with him about his season, team and expectations for the next level. 

Q:  Your team is having a remarkable season. What are your thoughts about the season? 
A:  Our year is going very well. We are a very balanced team on offense and defense. I’ll give credit to our coaches for making us strive to be better each day. The team chemistry and bond are so great. We cherish every moment like it’s our last, so we make sure we give it our all!

Q:  You lead the Kansas City area in rebounding. How do you account for your success on the boards? 
A:  I just go into each game setting a tone that you guys need to box us or on defense just making sure my man doesn’t get the ball and even helping my teammates out. In my opinion, I am a football fan, so I think of each rebound as a big catch in the end zone like that’s my ball and I’m going to go get it.

Q:  You and Jordan Jermain are a formidable duo on the floor for Ray-Pec. How long have you two played together? How would you describe your working relationship with him? What makes the partnership on the court work? 
A:  Jordan is a phenomenal under looked player in Missouri. If I were college coaches, I’d be all over this kid in a heartbeat. He is a high academic student with over a 4.0 GPA and he is a great person off the court. He volunteers and helps his community all while getting better as a player and cooking kids on the court. We’ve been together for all 4 years of high school getting better every day, having long days and nights of staying after practice, etc. Our partnership works because he is a dual threat. He is a great ball handler, shooter, defender, and can score at any time and make his defenders look silly. We honestly just feed off each other and make one another better. If I’m hot, he’ll get me the ball and then later down stretch he’ll go off. Or vice versa, he’ll go off and I’ll wait for him to cool down and then I’ll step in to do what needs to be done. Jordan is an overall great player and an outstanding leader & role model.

Q:  Raymore-Peculiar is well positioned to go the distance for the Class 5 title. What areas would you like to see your team improve on between now and tournament time to enhance your chances for a state title. 
A:  What we need to improve on is probably just having fun, if we do that, we can honestly beat anybody. 

Q:  Being a consistent performer in the lane is no easy task. What piece of advice would you like to share with a young forward looking to duplicate your success? 
A:  REBOUND, REBOUND, REBOUND, and defend and everything else will come to you.

Q:  What can Sam Houston State fans expect from you when you don the Bearkat uniform?
A:  They will see me give it my all each and every night and leave saying, “That kid works extremely hard! “

Q: Last question is just for fun. Best place for high school hoops, St. Louis or Kanas City?  
A:  Kansas City because there is always top dogs and heavy hitters in KC!