An electric weekend of exciting middle school games hit the hardwood this past weekend at the second annual Holiday Hoopfest as teams from Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois took to the court for two days of non-stop action.  8th grade standout Jordan Bohannon was one of many talented performers who shined bright.  Here's a look at the final event results as well as the all tournament teams from the 2012 Holiday Hoopfest this past weekend...

Note:  All 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place teams in each division have qualified for the Generation Next Invitational Championships July 5-8, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  For more information CLICK HERE

Champions – Iowa Barnstormers
2nd Place – Playground Elite Smith
3rd/4th Place Teams – DTA Spartans and Kingdom Hoops

Champions – TP Elite
2nd Place – Playground Elite Poole
3rd/4th Place Teams – Playground Elite DeBakker and Iowa Barnstormers

Champions – Kingdom Hoops
Co-2nd Place – Playground Warriors and DTA Spartans
4th Place Team – Iowa Barnstormers
Note: Playground Warriors defeated the DTA Spartans to advance to the championship but had to leave due to a prior commitment so the DTA Spartans took their place in the championship

Champions – Ray Allen Select
2nd Place – DTA Spartans
3rd/4th Place Teams – Playground Elite and Kingdom Hoops

Champions – Playground Elite
Co-2nd Place – Brookfield Spartans and Kingdom Hoops I
4th Place Team – Kingdom Hoops II
Note:  Brookfield Spartans defeated Kingdom Hoops I to advance to the championship but had to leave due to a prior commitment so Kingdom Hoops I took their place in the championship

Note:  All All-tournament performers in the 11U, 12U, 13U, and 14U divisions are invited to attend the Generation Next All-Star Camp August 4-5, 2012.  For more information CLICK HERE

14U M.V.P. – Jordan Bohannon (Iowa Barnstormers)

14U All-Tournament Team – (Iowa Barnstormers) Jordan Bohannon, Nile Ringen, Alonzo Cole, Wali Parks; (PGE Smith) Jack Popp, Amir Becar, Bobby Hambright; (DTA Spartans) Giyea Collier, Juwan McCloud, Darius Moore, Dequan Williams; (Kingdom Hoops) Sebastian Baugh, Riley McCoy, Shammond Ivory; (Milwaukee Rebels) Danya Kingsby, Deandre Hill, Justin Brookens; (D1 Elite) Will Carrius, Tim Rummels, Jerry Myles; (TP Elite) Isaiah Hennings, Nick Loke, Michael Ferrici; (PGE Dante) Jeremiah Words, Kyle Weary, Kenvarious Brown; and (PGE Hanson) Harrison Cleary

13U Co-M.V.P.'s – Terrence Lewis (TP Elite) and Virshon Cotton (TP Elite)

13U All-Tournament Team – (TP Elite) Terrence Lewis, Virshon Cotton, Alondes Williams, Brunard Williams, Jordan Johnson; (PGE Poole) Christian Negrod, Octavius Parker, Jordan Poole, Phillip Flory; (Iowa Barnstormers) Devontae Lane, John Nagel, Maliki Wilson, Connor McCaffery; (PGE Debakker) George Dixon, Melvin Lee, Jake Bennett, Deandre Johns; (Full Package) Ben Canady, Joey St. Pierre; (Kingdom Hoops) Grant Kramer, Quinton Curry, and Drew Maschoff

12U M.V.P. – Grant Demeulenaere (Kingdom Hoops)

12U All-Tournament Team – (Kingdom Hoops) Grant Demeulenaere, Zack Ferguson, Willie Tunks, Isaac Prewitt; (Playground Warriors) Tyler Herro, Drew Blair, Tyrese Haliburton, Austin Lopez; (DTA Spartans) Quincy Anderson, Ramontae Blakely, Isaiah McCloud, Gacoby Jones; (Iowa Barnstormers) Jackson Bennett, Joe Wieskamp, Patrick McCaffrey, Dodrian Hoamdrecker; (Milwaukee Rebels) Jaylin Scott; and (PGE) Quincy Minor

11U M.V.P. – Cole Nau (Ray Allen Select)

11U All-Tournament Team – (Ray Allen Select) Cole Nau, J.R. Shiddell, Darryl Brooks, Jack Cooney; (DTA Spartans) Marquise Milton, Johntae Martin, Remon Blakely, Jacqueze Lockett; (PGE) Matthew Brown, Trequan Carrington, Marquis Childs, Xzavier Jones; (Kingdom Hoops) Collin Lister, Tyreke Locure, Jack Keough, and Connor Jackman

10U M.V.P. – Reece Beekman (Playground Elite)

10U All-Tournament Team – (PGE) Reece Beekman, Donovan Billings, Jeveon Tolliver, Keenan Carter; (Kingdom Hoops I) Jack Johnson, Andrew Feltz, Grant Rieker, Jake Auer; (Brookfield Spartans) Sam McGath, Will Schultz; (Kingdom Hoops II) Ryan Riggs, and Michael Keough

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