Antonio Curro
March 25, 2010
With the high school season virtually wrapped up you can feel it in the air that the grassroots travel season is right around the corner.  Various tournaments are tipping off each weekend and April 2-4, 2010 will see the 5th anniversary of the 2010 Swish & Dish Spring Warm-Up!  Has it really been that long for that tournament!  Amazing and to say that this year's field is the best ever may be an understatement...

17U Division is expected to draw 5 of the top 10 players in the country as Marquis Teague, Wayne Blackshear, Branden Dawson, Johnny'OBryant, and Brad Beal are all set to put it down but let's not forget that Ryan Taylor, Mitch McGary, Max Biefeldt, Stevie Taylor, Sam Thompson, Tyler Adams, Quinn Cook, Elgin Cook, J.J. Panoske, Darnell Harris, Nate Anderson, etc. Bottom line is it's loaded!

As for young prospects in the 2012 class we are expected to see the #1 player in the country in Perry Ellis.  A two-time state champion already, Ellis is one of the measuring sticks in the 2012 class and must see talent on the court.  Also expected in that class are Elijah Macon, Jordan Goodman, Ladarius White, Ricardo Gathers, etc. 

The 2013 class will also offer up the #1 player in the country as Peter Jok will head to Milwaukee with the Kingdom Hoops squad now run by Jake Sullivan, former director of the All Iowa Attack.  Jok headlines 2013 prospects in attendance that includes the likes of Jabari Parker, Kristopher Jenkins, Thomas Hamilton Jr., Duane Wilson Jr., V.J. Beachem, Keith Langston, etc. 

Needless to say the tournament as a whole should be very exciting with tons of talent on virtually every court.  Teams from Mississippi, DC, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are confirmed to attend.

With the grassroots season upon us it also means recruiting starts to wrap up for seniors and heats up for others across the country.  Strong rumors have Florida pulling out of the Brandon Knight situation and additional rumors also indicate Knight to Kentucky is virtually a lock.  Personally, I think Knight will land at Kentucky and Selby will head to the Big 12 and play for Kansas.  The next tier involves the likes of Cory Joseph and Ray McCallum Jr.  The frontrunner for Joseph appears to be Villanova and Joseph would be a star in that system.  However, there are others in the mix and until the ink is dry you can't count anyone out.  McCallum is the elephant in the room so to speak with his dad coaching at Detroit but offers from the likes of Arizona, UCLA, etc.  That one should be interesting.

March 25, 2010
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